Smart Cities Portal

MAIT is a keen supporter of the Smart Cities Mission launched by the Government of India in 2015, which looks at developing cities with cutting-edge urban planning, front-line infrastructure and best-in-class information. With the establishment of Smart Cities, the quality of life in over 100 of India’s urban cities will be transformed. There will be more jobs to expedite the economic development of these cities, ICT infrastructure will be improved and there is expected to be an increase in public-private partnerships.

In order to achieve this, MAIT realises the importance of:

  • Mobilising the industry, encouraging companies to actively participate in governance and reforms.
  • Working with citizens and soliciting their participation to make the smart city development sustainable. This in turn, means enabling smart solutions by promoting the use of ICT, especially mobile-based tools.

The proposed Smart Cities Portal is an initiative by World Bank in collaboration with the Korea Green Growth Trust Fund. MAIT is a Knowledge partner and supports the initiative by connecting experts from the industry. The portal is set to help the development of 100 Smart Cities in India, by benchmarking the best practices under a similar initiative in Korea.

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