Since its inception, MAIT has been instrumental in improving the business environment for the IT, Telecom, and Electronics Hardware industries. Leveraging its research-backed communication approach, MAIT engages with policymakers, business owners, and industry experts, paving the way for industry advancement. By fostering growth in these sectors, MAIT contributes to the national interest. Here are a few of its recent acmpolisments

Project ERSO

Following the successful completion of the Electronics Repair Services Outsource (ERSO) pilot project, MAIT is now gearing up for its full-fledged implementation. The ERSO industry has the potential to create millions of direct and indirect jobs.

PLI for IT Hardware

MAIT Pioneered the advocacy for increased budget allocation; bore fruits and the budget allocation in PLI for IT Hardware 2.0 was increased from 7350 Crore to 17000 Crore.

PLI for Telecom Hardware

MAIT’s policy advocacy played a crucial role in the launch of PLI for Telecom Hardware. Many MAIT members were successful applicants for this.

On Scheme II to Scheme I of CRO

MAIT successfully conveyed with MeitY that shifting from scheme 2 to scheme 1 under the Compulsory Registration Order(CRO) could be counterproductive, lacking benefits for business operations. This offered relief to the industry’s compliance burden.

Parallel Testing

MAIT's successful efforts convinced BIS to endorse parallel product testing for various electronics products. This approach cuts testing times, helps plan launches, and streamlines supply chains.

Decriminalising of Legal Metrology Issue

The Department of Consumer Affairs (DoCA) has amended Legal Metrology Rules (Section 49), enabling officers to prosecute company directors for minor weights and measures offenses. This eases compliance burdens and enhances ease of doing business.

Acceptance of MAIT’s Recommendations in Union Budgets

Many of MAIT’s budget recommendations have been in the Union Budgets on matters including those suggestions on Direct and Indirect Taxes.

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