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MAIT convened a workshop on Electronics Repair Services Outsourcing (ERSO) with the objective of gathering insights from companies involved in the ERSO pilot. The aim was to utilize these insights to establish a robust ERSO ecosystem in collaboration with various government departments.

Colonel Suhail Zaidi (Retd), Director General of MAIT, delivered the welcome address, providing context for the workshop. Ms. Anubhuti Kaul Bhrany, Senior Director at Flex and Chair of the ERSO Committee, led the proceedings. Participating companies, including Flex, Lenovo, CTDI, R-Logic, S Aforeserve, Kaynes Technology, and DeNovo, shared their operational experiences during the pilot, emphasizing key learning outcomes.

One significant finding was a notable reduction in shipment time from 5 to 7 days to 2 to 3 days following the implementation of the ERSO pilot project. India predominantly receives ERSO assignments from major countries such as the US, Australia, Singapore, Dubai, and various European nations.

Key improvement areas identified during the workshop included enhancing India's component harvesting system, supporting smaller Indian firms in electronics repair, and exploring the refurbishment and sales of locally available used products to other countries.

09 May 2024

Workshop on ERSO

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